Biojammer is written by David Lawrence.

I was a scientist, until I wandered away from the light and into the murky depths of bioethics and law. You should join me, it’s more fun here.

I’ve always loved bioscience, I just wasn’t very good at it. So I left it to those with steadier hands and better maths skills than me. I quickly realised I preferred the nature of argument in ethics, and fell into a Masters degree at the University of Sheffield, in the sunny north of England. I studied at SIBLE under some fantastic professors, who helped me develop my opinions and make them more coherent than “… but… THAT WOULD BE SO COOL!” (an incident which my colleagues never did let me forget).

I’m unashamedly pro-enhancement, and that’s my pet subject. I’ll always approach things critically though, and never let partisan personal opinions cloud my judgement. What’s written here is, however, just that: my own views.

On Biojammer, I want to convey the enjoyment and interest which I feel so strongly, and maybe a sense of wonder. Biotechnologies are only going to be come more and more prevalent as the future rolls in, and I for one am excited to see them.


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