biojam; noun: To challenge preconceptions about biotechnology and its application to everyday life.


So Biojammer isn’t just another blog. No boring personal diarist here. Biojammer is aimed at anyone with an interest in biotechnology, bioethics, or even just cool stuff we’re going to see in the future.

We hear about cloning, IVF, designer babies, genetic engineering, and human enhancement all the time in the media, but too often do we just accept the spin without really forming our own opinions. So many people will react negatively to something like hybrid embryo research, but if you ask, they don’t know why they feel that way.

Feelings are based on morals, which is fine- but where have those morals come from? Is it fair to apply them to future technologies? And can we really make a snap judgement about something which has never before existed? It’s dangerous to go into an ever-expending future without thinking about the tools we will use, and what we might become.


Posts on Biojammer will cover questions like these as well as less intense talk about biofuturism in pop culture and the media. It isn’t aimed to change your mind, just to open some eyes.


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